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How should I take RETACRIT?

If you or your caregiver has been trained to give RETACRIT shots (injections) at home:

  • Be sure that you read, understand, and follow the “Instructions for Use” that come with RETACRIT
  • Take RETACRIT exactly as your healthcare provider tells you to. Do not change the dose of RETACRIT unless told to do so by your healthcare provider
  • Your healthcare provider will show you how much RETACRIT to use, how to inject it, how often it should be injected, and how to safely throw away the used vials, syringes, and needles
  • If you miss a dose of RETACRIT, call your healthcare provider right away and ask what to do
  • If you take more than the prescribed dose of RETACRIT, call your healthcare provider right away. During treatment with RETACRIT, continue to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions for diet and medicines
  • Have your blood pressure checked as instructed by your healthcare provider

How should I store RETACRIT?

  • Do not shake RETACRIT
  • Store RETACRIT vials in the carton they come in to protect from light
  • Store RETACRIT in the refrigerator between 36°F and 46°F (2°C and 8°C)
  • Do not use RETACRIT that has been frozen
  • Single-dose vials of RETACRIT should be used only 1 time. Throw the vial away after use even if there is medicine left in the vial

Keep RETACRIT and all medicines out of the reach of children.




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