Patient Resources


Pfizer enCompassTM
Patient Access and Reimbursement Support for patients initiating or continuing RETACRIT therapy

About Pfizer enCompass

Pfizer enCompass offers a variety of patient support programs to help eligible patients access RETACRIT, including assistance for eligible uninsured and insured patients who cannot afford their out-of-pocket costs. A team of trained Access Counselors is available to help you understand your insurance benefits and to work with your health care provider and health insurer on your behalf to help access treatment with RETACRIT.

To assess your coverage for RETACRIT or for patient support needs, please contact an Access Counselor at 1-844-722-6672, Monday–Friday, 9 AM–8 PM ET or visit the Pfizer enCompass website at

Determining what you need

Starting July 2018, you can assess your coverage for RETACRIT or your patient support needs. You may also download the Pfizer enCompass Enrollment Form, complete the form with your health care provider, and fax the form to Pfizer enCompass at 1-844-482-4482. An Access Counselor will contact you to discuss the form and your needs.


About Biosimilars

For further information, or to apply for assistance, contact a Pfizer enCompass Access Counselor at 1-844-722-6672, Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM ET